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Yes, it finally happened. Eric and I are now engaged. I am sooooooo excited!
And by the way, the ring you see in the picture was designed by Eric himself, and he got it custom made just for me. It is, of course, perfect.

It's rather late (er, 2 am), so I'm trying to go to bed (not that I'm going to get any sleep whatsoever, but it's a noble effort, I suppose). If you want my fiance's version of the story (I'm having lots of fun typing that word...hehe...), you can check out his blog here.


P.S. Eric's mom wrote us a poem. You can read it on his brother's blog here.


JD, you MUST include me on the invites. I really wanna meet this dude too, but I live in waco, when y'all live there, and then when I'm home, as in LBK, he's probably NOT there. So excited for both of y'all!!! *Sigh*

OF COURSE you're invited! And we're thinking the wedding will be sometime in the summer, so hopefully you won't be having to come in from Waco then!

And don't worry my dear, your day will come. God's timing is perfect.

He's too poor to afford a diamond? Oh well happy poverty-stricken life.

I don't like diamonds (overrated). I requested a pearl. Simple as that.

Is there a way to bitch slap someone over the internet? Because if there is, this Anonymous character definitely deserves it.

Jenny! You made me cry at work! Congrats!!

Jill Mull (I noticed you had another friend named Jill. I just wanted to clarify!)


I've been trying to think of something amazing to say for a couple days... I can't write cool poems like Eric's mom but I just want to say that I'm very happy for you two and I can't wait to tell you that personally.


yay for you and eric!!! i heard it through the southcrest grapevine and had to search out the ring shot for myself!! and i must say...it is beautiful! i love pearls! and if my mom hadn't given me my diamond i totally would've had a pearl! :) it is perfect! anyways, i know i haven't talked to you since i left lubbock but please know that even across the miles i am excited for you both! may God use this time of planning your wedding to prepare you both for a lifetime of becoming more like Christ! may he grant both of you the humility and patience needed everyday as you look to Christ and hope in his return! congrats again!

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